sequel 続編
startle びっくりさせる
mastermined 天才
bargaind for  ~と商談する
hilarious こっけいな
slur 中傷する
hostile 厳しい
glitzy 魅力的な
extravaganza 金のかかる壮麗なショー
frenetic 熱狂した
stately 威厳のある
epic 叙事詩、英雄的行為
defunct 現存しない
widow 置き去りになる
rove さまよう
abduct 拉致する
indigenous 現地の
astral 霊魂の
realm 領域
surreal 超現実的な
exhilarate わくわくさせる
brim with ~にあふれる
milieu 境遇
frontman リードボーカル
hail 歓迎する
paean 賛歌
pluralism 多元的共存
exuberant いきいきとした
balm 慰め
convalesce 快方に向かう



Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom

Chicago, 1927. Ma Rainey, the pioneering ‘Mother of the Blues’, is due to record a new album, but things go badly wrong due to a white manager who is exploiting her, and a trumpeter with ambitions of his own. 



Promising Young Woman

The multi-faceted Emerald Fennell plays Camilla Parker Bowles in The Crown. But she is also a writer-director who masterminded the second series of Killing Eve. 



The Midnight Sky  

George Clooney’s snowy science-fiction adventure is set in a post-apocalyptic future that might even be worse than the real world in 2020. 



The Prom

In 2010, a teenage girl was banned from attending her senior prom because she planned to wear a tuxedo and take her girlfriend. 



News of the World  

Paul Greengrass is known for the contemporary settings, documentary realism, and frenetic editing of United 93 and The Bourne Ultimatum, but his new film is a stately epic western. 




The first Pixar cartoon to have an African-American lead character, Soul boasts the sort of boldly philosophical scenario which no other studio would attempt.



David Byrne’s American Utopia

Talking Heads’ concert film, Stop Making Sense, is a classic of the genre. Thirty-six years later, another concert film with Talking Heads’ former frontman, David Byrne, is being hailed as its equal. 



Wonder Woman 1984 

A year on from the day it was originally scheduled to come out, Wonder Woman 1984 is finally leaping into cinemas – and onto a streaming platform – making it 2020’s first and last major superhero blockbuster.




When Fern (Frances McDormand) is widowed, she can’t afford to live in a house of her own, so she packs her few belongings into a camper van, and drives off into the Nevada desert. 




The year’s finest animated film doesn’t come from Dreamworks or Pixar (sorry about that, Soul), but from Cartoon Saloon, an Irish studio specialising in Celtic folklore and stylised hand-drawn 2D art.

今年の最も素晴らしい映画は、ドリームワークスでもピクサーでもない、(Soulについては申し訳ない。)Cartoon Saloonというアイルランドのスタジオが贈る、ケルト人の伝承を元にする、様式化された2D の手書きアニメーションだ。



Citizen Kane is the greatest American film ever made, at least according to a poll conducted by BBC Culture in 2015. But who was responsible for its greatness?